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About Us

Latinos in London Ltd, since 2006, is the UK's leading event listing source, media body, online source and current affairs magazine for Latin American, Spanish & Portuguese events in London. We cover all fields including entertainment, music, culture, film, literature, education, politics, gastronomy, community & employment.

From concerts to book launches, night clubs to documentaries & restaurants to film screenings via theatre productions, radio shows, art exhibitions and other events linked to all 34 Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese countries, consulates and embassies in the UK.

We also manage the UK's first radio show entirely dedicated to Latin American London. Our air time is dedicated to raising awareness of national / Hispanic happenings in Britain & delivering award-winning news on South America, Central America, the Caribbean islands & Iberia. Our shows are also available via post-broadcast Pod Casts. The views expressed in articles, events, podcasts & audio-visual material on are those of the original author and do not represent the views of Latinos in London.Latinos in London is owned by Latin America UK Ltd, UK Registered Company 7079504. Our search functionality is helping you discover publicly available websites and their content. Latinos in London as a website does not host or upload this material and is not responsible for the content unless otherwise stated.

Our ground-breaking approach to covering 100% of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese events across the capital through our web platforms, radio show and newsletters allow us to reach a weekly public of over 50,000 Londoners; all specifically interested in the events we advertise and market. Add 20,000 members on social network groups all receiving our updates monthly & we can proudly state we are the undoubted market leaders in the field.

Our Guide to What's On includes: Sport, Night life, Concerts, Restaurants, Lectures, Conferences, Theatre, Festivals, Literature, Film, Poetry, Art, Parties, Fundraisers, Dance, Language, Tourism, Educational Courses Radio & TV. Can't wait to see all we have to offer...? Then view our full listings here.

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EVENT MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                                                          Since 2006, Latinos in London Ltd has provided event management & event logistics consulting services to event organisers, venues, promoters, social projects, businesses, local government, consulates & embassies which all have one thing in common - a need to reach UK-based demographics interested in Latin America/Iberia.

Twelve years of prior experience organising events of such a nature across Britain have allowed us to market our staff's extensive experience, key industry and venue contacts, logistical knowledge and marketing/sales expertise. We now offer unrivalled project management from micro to macro levels in addition to linguistic support, press releases, post-event assessment/feedback.

If you would like further information on events we have managed, our resources and how we can contribute to your event, contact us at

ARTIST MANAGEMENT .                                                                                                                                                                         The UK’s solely dedicated performance artist booking agent and source for Latin American/Iberian Artists, Educators, Performers and Communicators. From salsa bands to South American Catering, via dance instructors, poetry orators and horse riding show directors... If you want it, we have it.

This labour greatly contributes to our “First Steps Program", through which we enable newly arrived and newly started artists & companies in the UK to reach and achieve the business they seek. If you would like further information on artists on our books and our management resources, contact us at

Since 2008, one graduate per year who has excelled academically in Latin America or Iberia benefits from the academic, professional & social networks on our portfolio. This professional grant is at the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility scheme. During & Prior to a period of residence in the UK, our grant winner receives:

(A) The backing of our extensive resources & partnerships to secure employment/professional experience in his/her area of study in the UK.

(B) English language learning support and personalised assistance in securing university offers & funding for Further Studies in the UK.

Find out more about our Grant and read the stories of our past grant winners here.

At Latinos in London, we are always interested in taking on journalists, writers, photographers, bloggers and anyone with a passion for Latin America/Iberia. We also greatly value new ideas and proposals, so if you would like to be part of our imaginative team, write to us at