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Rurana Peru Art . 8 - 28 May 2014

Rurana Peru Art . 8 - 28 May 2014

13 The Gallery presents a collection of works which Carla reflect Figallo’s love of colour. In Peruvian culture Rurana has a deep meaning, literally translated, means mission or work in Quechuan. It embodies the strong work ethics and relentless drive, which are an important part of Quechuan culture and at the roots of Peruvian civilization. Inspired by her home country, this exhibition offers a profound personal reflection.

“I just wanted to paint for me. Just for my own pleasure to express and put on canvas the colors I have in my head.”

Citing Rothko as her favorite artist, Figallo’s paintings are first and foremost about color. Working the entire canvas, she applies strong colors and earth tones such as brown, red and ochre. She also utilizes materials such as sand, modelling paste and string to produce her distinctive style of painting which is rich in character and texture.

Carla Figallo studied art and paintings in Peru, Japan and Argentina, and has exhibited her work in South America, the USA and Europe. In 2011 she was the Artists & Illustrators magazine for her piece Rainbow Missiles. She currently lives in London with her family.

“To me, art is everywhere. Personally, I do have to be in the right frame of mind and quiet within myself, but if you want, you can see art all around you.”

Please reply for the Private View on:

Thursday 8th May

When the artist will be present to share with you her vibrant creations and discuss her working style.

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