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Violentango in Concert [Escape - UK Tour] : 5-6 July [London]

Violentango in Concert [Escape - UK Tour] : 5-6 July [London]

Violentango are part of the national identity of Argentina, being granted the status of ¨Brand Ambassadors¨ (Embajador de la Marca País) for the country in 2013.

Violentango launch their latest album entitled ESCAPE. This definitive fifth album commands a deliberate release from the constraints of conventional tango music, revealing an exciting outlet of expression and the liberation of an alternative form. This innovative concept for tango involves the collaboration of five musicians towards an eternal state of creativity, engaged with a process of exploration into sound scapes. The result was the discovery of a more comprehensive idea for tango music, incorporating the flow of ideas for innovative arrangements that defy convention proclaiming the emergence of a new genre.

This new album was recorded at ION, the premier studio of Buenos Aires, overseen by the legendary engineer Jorge "Portugués" Da Silva. This new material is inspired through experiences gathered on previous European tours, blending a smooth balance between the rough roots of tango mixed with more contemporary and international sounds, incorporating instruments considered as "unconventional" for the tango genre.

A revolutionary new concept for tango is set to emerge this summer with the arrival of a sensational new act from Buenos Aires. Violentango are a five-piece instrumental band from Argentina currently taking South America by storm with a startling new version of tango. This innovation redefines the traditional standard, heralding a brand new chapter in the already turbulent history of tango music.

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