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Adventures in South America: 30 August

Adventures in South America: 30 August

Come with us on a journey and explore all 7 continents in 7 months! FIRST STOP - South America!  The Bindlesticks Brigade will be putting together an evening of Latino food fare and fun. From 7pm you will be greeted at the Patagonian borders (AKA Woodlawns Centre, daaaan Leigham Court Road, Streatham), where you will have your passports stamped for entry and a Bindlestick picnic thrown over your shoulder for your first adventure into the stimulating world of The Bindlesticks Wandering Bazaar...

You will have to traverse your way through the desert labyrinth landscapes of the Nazca lines (car park), clamber through the colonial dilapidated buildings (old folks day centre) and take leave of your senses as you risk all in the outback of the wild & undulating Amazon Rain Forest..(back garden). Ok, so there's a little bit of imagination required here, but rest assured the overall effect should have a sufficiently South American feel to it and will hopefully entice you back for the next leg of our journey in Oct...

We'll be listening to poetry readings and travellers’ tales under a tree, playing giant chess and soaking up the Argentine wine and beer from the Bindlesticks bar. (cash bar only)

Expect your Bindlestick picnic to contain an array of Latino inspired grub like chimichurri coleslaw, Tamales, salsa and breads and when it starts to get a bit chilly we'll get the Bolivian Stew and Chile Sin Carne on the go to warm those cockles and fuel your dancing feet for some live music provided by a traditional Latino band ANDEAN BEATS.

This is just the first part of our journey; we will have many more intrepid terrains to travel through over the next several months so you will be issued with your very own Bindlesticks passport, which will be stamped on arrival. You must keep this safe as further check points will be in place at future destinations…keep collecting those stamps peeps and who knows, perhaps one lucky traveller will win a prize suitable for those with a spirit of adventure…

Tickets will be inclusive of all food, activities, live music & a cocktail on arrival.


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