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Venado Azul Festival: 11 - 14 Sept.

Venado Azul Festival: 11 - 14 Sept.

Friends soul brothers and sisters, It is our greatest honour to be organising Don Toño’s second visit to the UK in September 2014. We are calling his special visit, The Venado Azul Festival (The Blue Deer Festival).

Hundreds of people have benefited from his powerful healing sessions and energies being transmitted, many have learned and benefited about the Wirrarika cosmovision and culture.

This year we are working in partnership with other organizations whose hearts are aligned with the blue deer and the Wirrarika in order to make this festival accessible to as many people as possible and reach out to a wider audience.

This year program is as follows:

9/9/14 Wirrarika Cosmo vision and temazcal talk Tuesday 9th Sept 2014 @ Passing Clouds SUGGESTED DONATION:

10/9/14 One on One healing sessions with Don Tono

11/9/14 Temazcal

12/9/14 Temazcal and Grandfather fire ceremony

13/9/14 Temazcal and Grandfather fire ceremony

14/9/14 Temazcal and closing ceremony

A Temazcal is a traditional Mexican sauna, similar to the sweat lodge of the Native Americans. It takes place in a covered dome made of sticks and earth and then covered creating a womb to heal, sweat and pray in.

Please contact to book in advance asap as spaces are limited

May the spirit of the deer guide your way to the light within.


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