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Tania Maria in Concert : 28-29 November

Tania Maria in Concert : 28-29 November

Tania Maria (piano / vocals), Marc Bertaux (bass), Hubert Colau (drums). A Grammy nominated Brazilian born singer and pianist, famous for her rhythmic piano playing and unison scat, Tania Maria has over two dozen albums to her name and has performed all over the world. She has established herself as a highly renowned jazz singer as well as a hugely influential proponent of Brazilian music.

Brazilian pianist, singer and composer Tania Maria has nurtured a long and passionate love affair with music. Since the release of her first album in her native land 37 years ago, the vivacious musician has treated the world to a non-stop aural fiesta, serving up steaming portions of her piquant blend of festive Brazilian rhythms and daring improvisations, brimming with R&B, funk and Afro-Cuban flavors.

Born Tania Maria Correa Reis into a family of amateur musicians in São Luís, a remote, historic port city in northwestern Brazil, she began formal study of the piano at the age of seven. Just six years later, she had established a name for herself in the music world as leader of a band that won first prize in a regional music competition. After a brief respite from music to study law, her fingers continued to yearn for the piano, and she finally gave in to its insistent call, committing herself to music with more fervor than ever.
Having outgrown the limited opportunities to expand her music horizons in provincial São Luís, Tania thrust herself into the burgeoning club scene in Brazil’s two largest metropolitan centers, cosmopolitan São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Deeply influenced by Brazilian pianist Luiz Eça, who had led his Tamba Trio to fame in the early 1960s performing Brazil’s swinging new bossa nova style, Tania dazzled club patrons with her robust interpretation of bossa standards. But within a short time, she realized that the deck was stacked against female instrumentalists in the notoriously macho culture of her homeland, and departed for greener pastures in Europe.

From the outset, her first musical performances clearly showed her potential and her predilections for an astounding mix of Brazilian rhythms and jazz harmonies and a remarkable natural gift for creating sophisticated, enticing melodies. A successful tenure in Paris in the 1970s established her reputation throughout Europe and led to collaborations with such noted artists as bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen. Her effervescent style and prolific recording output caught the attention of American jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd, one of the first non Brazilians to perform bossa nova, who recommended her to the Concord Jazz label. Her nine albums for Concord produced a string of popular successes, including the mega hit “Come With Me.“ Many years later, Tania continues to stand out as one of the truly great talents on the contemporary Brazilian music scene, known for her unmistakable sultry voice, her percussive touch at the piano, and her ability to spontaneously combine such venerable Brazilian rhythms as choro and samba with the urban styles of our time – hip-hop and funk.

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