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Guaguanco presents Combo Yanze + Djs: 6 March

Guaguanco presents Combo Yanze + Djs: 6 March

Guaguanco aims to pay a Homage to Salsa, It’s Roots and People.
By bringing salsa back to it’s origins and to explore Latin culture through visual and performing arts. At Guaguanco we will be playing Salsa from the 60's, 70's and 80's only, because we believe that was when Salsa was at it's peak, it had creativity, inprovisation, humour, and a raw edge. Salsa was born in the Barrios of Latin America when the Afro descendants and mestizos started mixing all the sounds of the people and culture around them.

It was characterized by the hard edge and it's street wiseness, the lyrics reflected the pain, the suffering, the taboos of society, the happiness and Love of it’s people, in essence a celebration of life; The rythms of the Cuban Son, Guaguanco , Charanga, Bomba, Plena, Rumba, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Boogaloo etc. formed what we feel should be called Afro Latin Music as Salsa was a term invented to package it for commercial purposes thus underminding it's real origins and the richness of the culture that gave birth to it, which was the people at the bottom of society, the Afro decendents, mestizos and the working class.

One of the most important elements of Afro Latin Music of that time was the Descargas, the overwhelming explotion of Soneros, musicians and dancers which improvised together and also went into solos in their own, thus creating a contagious energy, brilliance and virtuoso performances which made music that maintains it's essence and relevance up to date.

Salsa Dura - Old School Salsa Night
El Sentimiento del Barrio
A Homage to Salsa, It's Roots & People
Friday 6th March 2015

22:00 Old School Salsa DJ's
Dj Johnny G
Dj Andres "Filo"
LIVE ***Combo Yanze***

Please note we will not play Bachata, Merengue or Raggaeton, ONLY OLD SCHOOL SALSA - ALL NIGHT...


Door £8
Early birds £5 - text guaguanco. + your name to 07916747353
Strictly over 18

This event will be filmed

RSVP: 07916747353

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