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South American Archaeology Seminar 10/5/2008

South American Archaeology Seminar 10/5/2008

Focusing on Andean languages and archaeology in the hope that this will help generate a good discussion of the issues raised by papers on the day. Everyone is welcome. But, it is important that you e-mail to confirm your participation and order your lunch. A contribution of £5 towards the cost of coffee, tea, lunch & administration will be required on the day.



10.30 am Coffee

11.00 am Macarena Cardenas (The Open University) Vegetation and climate changes in Southern Patagonia during the Glacial-Interglacial transition correlated with mega fauna extinction and human arrival.

11.35 am Jose Iriarte (University of Exeter) Ethnic enclaves, monument building and post-funerary rites: The emergence of Taquara/Itararé mound and enclosure complexes in the southern Brazilian highlands

12.10 p.m. Gabriel Ramon (Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia) Martha Bell (University of Wisconsin) On producing ceramic evidence: three rules to narrate the pre-colonial past, through objects, using Northern Peruvian ethnographic examples


2.00 pm Paul Heggarty & David Beresford-Jones (McDonald Institute, Cambridge) Agriculture and Language Dispersals: Limitations, Refinements, and an Andean exception?


3.45 pm Tim Taylor and Andrew Wilson (University of Bradford) Discrepant records of Inca child sacrifice? Texts, archaeology, stable isotopes, and DNA.

Further Information:

This event is Co-sponsored by: The Institute for the Study of the Americas & The Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Our next meeting will de on Saturday 29th November 2008 - If you would like to present a paper we would very much like to hear from you. Bill Sillar and Gill Hey

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