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Inti Raymi - Wilka Kuti (Summer solstice) : 25 June

Inti Raymi - Wilka Kuti (Summer solstice) : 25 June

The ancient Andean-Amazonian cultural celebrations reflect a shared history, a view of the world and myths handed down with ancestral traditions. The main element is the adoration of the sun manifested through rituals such as INTI RAYMI and WILLKA KUTI. The sun has been worshipped as a deity in the Andean region by the indigenous peoples since time immemorial and it is intimately connected with the agricultural cycles, which enable life.Willka Kuti in Aymaran means the return of the sun, celebrated on 21st June in Tiwanako, a pre-Columbian archeological site in Bolivia. This festival aims at recovering the cultural identity of the Aymara people. There are accounts that two pyramids were used for lunar (Puma) and solar (Akapana) ritual ceremonies. The Puma Pyramid was located near the edge of Lake Titicaca. Particularly symbolic are the first rays of sun that come through the Sun Door in Tiawanaku on this date.Inti Raymi is a festival of the agricultural calendar in the Andes that celebrates the solstice. Inti, the ancient Incan sun god is the supreme creator and omnipotent. Thanks are offered to Pachamama, a goddess of the Inca mythology, for the food. In the Kichwa (a Quechuan language), Inti means sun and Raymi means party. The international Inti Raymi Festival involves dancing, music and spiritual ceremonies. The communities of Western and Eastern Bolivia celebrate the Andean-Amazonian New Year known as Machaq Mara in Aymaran and Willka Kuti – the return of the sun in Aymaran.Machaq Mara, as we say in Aymaran, is celebrated at 200 shrines in Bolivia as well as at hundreds of shrines in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia – Cuzco, Tiahuanaku, Samaipata and even in Copacabana, also a means celebrating our de-colonisation.You are invited to this joint celebration of the Bolivian Willka Kuti or Machaq Mara along with other Latin American countries sharing a spiritual tradition of welcoming the Andean Amazonian New Year’s celebration at the Embassy of Brazil in London.We understand that Latin American people have two religious roots, the more recent Catholic and also the ancient precolonial worldview of the indigenous peoples much neglected until recently but now strongly re-emerging.
The event is brought by the Embassy of Bolivia, in partnership with the Embassies of Ecuador and Peru, and supported by the Embassy of Brazil.
Join us for a celebration of ancient Latin American traditions!

Attendance is free, but booking is / +44(0)20 7747 4572
Sala Brasil
14 – 16 Cockspur Street, London | SW1Y 5BL |


La Embajada de Bolivia en el Reino Unido invita a todos los ciudadanos a participar de la celebración del solsticio de verano "INTI RAYMI- WILKA KUTI" con una presentación GRATUITA de música ancestral y danzas andinas.
El evento se llevara a cabo este jueves 25 de Junio de 2015 a las 6:30pm en la "Sala Brasil" 14 Cockspur Street, SW1 Y5BL
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