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Made in Brasil | Everyday

Made in Brasil | Everyday

Centred on a passion for all things Brasilian, Made in Brasil Boteco is a bohemian, favela-style bar in the heart of North London. Step into this energetic space and be instantly transported to the vibrant carnivals of Rio or the friendly, old-style botecos (bars) of Sao Paulo and Salvador. The main face of Made in Brasil Boteco is Renato Paziam, originally from Sao Paulo and a self-labelled ‘ambassador for Brasilians in London’, who for many years has been running its sister restaurant Made in Brasil. Renato is the main influence behind the drinks menu that pays homage to the national spirit of Brasil - Cachaça, a traditional spirit distilled from sugar cane juice which has a sweet and explosive flavour. In fact, the bar boasts the largest selection of cachaças in the UK with over 100 to choose from.

In keeping with the casual vibe, the head chef Clau Gloria D Souza from Porto Seguro in the Brazilian state of Bahia has brought the taste of her homeland to a menu of Petiscos (Brazilian tapas) to be nibbled on throughout the evening. The authentic dishes are inspired by regional Amazonian and Bahian style cooking and include Garlic and chilli prawns, Slow cooked pork ribs with boiled cassava and vinaigrette, and Acaraje – shrimp and black eyed pea fritters which are a traditional street food from the North East of Brazil.

Due to the Brazilian roots of the manager and chef, Made in Brasil Boteco is already becoming a bohemian hub of South American culture: Brazilians and South Americans from all over the capital call it a home from home – and music is high up on their agenda, with impromptu jam sessions often breaking out in the evening. Art exhibitions, samba and salsa classes, Brazilian and South American movie screenings often take place bringing the dynamic and colourful culture of Brazil to the city. "  Made in Brasil, Manager

-Monday - Live band
-Tuesday - Tuesday Music Experience - Open Mic

-Wednesday - Brazilian Jam Sesion by Camden Guitars - A musical mix of blues, soul, latin jazz and bossa nova.
-Thursday - Open Decks with DJ's playing ‘The Best Of’ Brazilian tunes on vinyl
-Brazilian Friday:
Live Brazilian band playing Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB , Baiao, Funk and original songs + DJ with his Afro Brazil Funk Mix from 11pm
-Saturday Night Fever: Live music with a mix of Brazilian and International Music with percussive, melodic , universal influences from 9pm-11pm.

-Sunday : Brazilian Music + DJ

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