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1492 Resistance Continues : 10 October

1492 Resistance Continues : 10 October

"For in a very concrete way Europe has stuffed herself inordinately with the gold and raw materials of the colonial countries: Latin America, China, and Africa. From all these, under whose eyes Europe today raises up her tower of opulence, there has flowed out for centuries toward that same Europe diamonds and oil, silk and cotton, wood and exotic products. Europe is literally the creation of the Third World. The wealth which smothers her is that which was stolen from the underdeveloped peoples" (Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth)

The "12th OCTOBER PLATFORM" (P12O) denounces the colonial lie about a man named Columbus 'discovering' what came to be known as the Americas. We were not discovered, we were invaded!

We invite you to join us in celebrating the valiant and incessant efforts of countless generations of our sisters and brothers, who have, and continue to struggle against the wave of oppression that was unleashed following that inglorious day: We call this RESISTANCE!

As part of a series of actions seeking to #ReclaimPower, come and joint us for a day of:

- Workshops
- Films
- Music
- Dance
- Performance
- Food
and much much more....

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