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FILM | La Gorgona: Historias Fugadas : 11 February

FILM | La Gorgona: Historias Fugadas : 11 February

11 Feb. Alborada presents a screening of the Colombian documentary:

La Gorgona: Historias Fugadas (Gorgona: Stories on the Run, Camilo Botero, 72 mins, 2013)
Monty's Bar & Lounge, Brick Lane
149 Brick Lane, E1 6SB London, United Kingdom

Between 1960 and 1983 Gorgona, a volcanic island 35kms off Colombia's Pacific coast, was a state prison, where escape was impossible for all manner of inmate, from political activists to hardened criminals.

Following the prison's closure, the island was awarded UNESCO world heritage status for its stunning wildlife and idyllic isolation. Yet this was no paradise, as the many ex-prisoners testify in Camilo Botero's captivating and beautifully-shot film.

'Botero’s camera does not so much film the island habitat as immerse itself within the very organic matter of its breathing, growing, scuttling surface, lingering on sun-bleached tree trunks and the remarkable array of animal diversity: a snake that stands up straight, bad-tempered monkeys, paranoid-looking lizards.

Yet for all Botero’s superb cinematography, this is a film bathed in the darkness of humanity, again demonstrating our inherent ability to make things crap. The joy in watching those red crabs that seemingly dominate all tropical islands dart from side to side is irrefutably blunted by another account of human cruelty.

It is a compelling tonal juxtaposition, challenging us to associate idealistic concepts with violence and retribution, and to balance notions of what escapism means for many of us with the literal act of escape that defines the film’s narrative.'

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