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FILM | Goya. Visions of flesh and blood : Until 30 June 2016

FILM | Goya. Visions of flesh and blood : Until 30 June 2016

Goya. Vision of flesh and blood, a documentary film based on the National Gallery’s exhibition Goya: The Portrait, is a journey through the eyes of Francisco de Goya and a brilliant representation of the life and work of the artist, his gift for painting and his unique ability to portray the society of his time. All this illuminated by the context and the critics and accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage and works not included in the exhibition.

The film has been produced by Seventh Art Productions and directed by Phil Grabsky, a respected documentary filmmaker, who has made hundreds of films for the BBC, C4 and ITV, as well as a dozen films for the cinema.
Goya. Vision of flesh and blood is part of the Season 3 of Exhibition on Screen, launched in 2012 in response to the increasing demand for high quality, in-depth arts programming.

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