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Direct from Spain : El Naán in Concert : 23 March

Direct from Spain : El Naán in Concert : 23 March

All the way from Palencia, a very depopulated region in the heart of Castile (Spain), El Naán explore the Arabic, Celtic & Jewish musical heritages belonging to the Iberian Peninsula. El Naán push Castilian folk music into the 21st Century, using artistic codes that connect the eldest generation of Spaniards, owners of the legacy of traditional music, to their younger counterparts both in Spain and beyond the borders of Spain. Their poetic and evocative lyrics are made all the more powerful by their very visual and dynamic staging and passionate performances. El Naán’s artistic proposal starts out with Castilian traditional music and connects it with roots music from all over the world, turning it into fascinating music with a global appeal.

Their second album, Código de Barros ("Code of Clays", with a pun on barcode), has been self-produced and first launched in Spain thanks to a successful crowdfounding campaign, and it has now been brought out by the UK record label Arc Music, internationally recognised as one of the main global references in folk and world music. It is currently doing well in the Transglobal World Music Chart.

El Naán is a group of seven artists who have come back to a near-deserted village: only 30-odd inhabitants. They've rebuilt old adobe houses and developed a way of combining up-to-date music technologies with manual labour in the fields. Their relationship with the tradition way of life is, therefore, direct, and their approach to music genuine.

"The music of El Naán is not a fusion but a musical archaeology. We have searched – both inside the DNA of the music of this cultural crossroads and inside ourselves – in order to create a project that is of and for today; tradition transformed into 21st century emotion.’ says Héctor Castrillejo, lyricist and videocreator of the band.

The line-up:
About the band click HERE
Carlos Herrero: voice, bouzouki, Cuban tres | Héctor Castrillejo: lyrics, bard, videocreator | César Díez: electric bass | María Alba: second voice, percussion | Adal Pumarabín: percussion | Javier Mediavilla: electric guitar | César Tejero: sax.

Tickets cost £14 per person and rather uniquely, include tea/coffee. It should be said that the venue itself is one of London's very best and most inviting hidden gems, nestled in the historical neighbourhood of Rotherhithe Village, on the River Thames, south of Wapping and north of Canada Water.

It's easy to get to on the Jubilee/Overground (Rotherhithe) and bicycles are welcome inside - take the Thames Path!

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