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Direct from Brazil: Luiza Meiodavila in Concert :19-20 April

Direct from Brazil: Luiza Meiodavila in Concert :19-20 April

Luiza Meiodavila Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Luiza grew up in a residential neighborhood surrounded by nature, flowering her senses and translating them into music since the beginning of her musical journey - at the age of 4 - when she started studying flute in school. At 10, she initiated her singing classes with the tenor Etor Rivero, which led to her first recordings, accompanied by Luiz Bueno, from the instrumental duo Duofel.

At the age of 19 Luiza entered the undergraduate performance course at Souza Lima & Berklee, where she attended classes with Sizão Machado, Nenê, Jarbas Barbosa, Vitor Alcântara, Pedro Ramos, Débora Gurgel, Casey Scheuerell, George Russel Jr,...and also extracurricular classes with the pianist Silvia Góes and the vocal coaches Tutti Baê and Wagner Barbosa.

The imersion in jazz and brazilian music added a lot to her vocabulary, and influenced Luiza to start producing her first EP, named "Florescer" - which means "bloom", as in the development and flowering of a plant. Along with Lipe Torre - composer/guitarrist - and Zé Victor Torelli - sound engineer/guitarrist - , Luiza choose 6 songs to propose a dialog between the brazilian popular music (MPB), jazz and pop music, and chose to artisticly substitute her last name "Mitteldorf" (german for village in the middle) for the freely portuguese translated "Meiodavila". Along with the trio - who played and produced the album, Luiza reunited some renowned musicians, such as Walmir Gil (flugelhorn) and Jarbas Barbosa (guitar) - only in the album recordings - and Cuca Teixeira (drums), who is part of her band, that also counts with Gabriel Gaiardo (keys), Felipe Galeano (bass) and Renan Cacossi (saxophone/transversal flute). The album was mixed by Luis Paulo Serafim and mastered by the grammy award-winning Mike Couzzi.

April 19th - Jazz After Dark
April 20th - Bedroom Bar

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