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Frontera Festival : 28 May

Frontera Festival : 28 May

Frontera Festival in London, United Kingdom
- For the first time in London, the Chilean festival that brings the best of Latin America music.
- The festival will take place at Studio 338, Greenwich on the 28th May 2016.
- Tickets go on sale on Monday 14th March 2016.

Frontera Festival arrives the 28th May 2016 to London's heart to promote the best of Latin American music.

Frontera Festival was created in 2013 in Santiago, Chile and brings together the best exponents of different Latin music styles. Has three successful versions in Chile and is already established as one of the most important Latin music epicenters, mainly thanks to the performance of bands with renown experience in the Latin American scene, a mix of different styles, trends and, of course, innovative new sound proposals.

The festival's great success has allowed it to cross borders and land at the center of the capital of England. The first version of Frontera Festival UK, will be the ideal vessel for exponents with great national and international experience to show their material and sounds in an city noted for its diversity and cultural understanding.

The first international version of the festival will be featuring a wide selection of Latin musicians that will definitely surprise the audience.

The first band to join the festival is Cultura Profética, with a solid track record, a career of 20 years and more than 10 albums. With a large fanbase, a massive social media following and millions of YouTube views. The band's reference framework is 100% linked to the 70's, using conceptual influences from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors and the trova songs of Silvio Rodriguez. Cultura Profética is a cult band which is consistent and direct, that is why it is not surprising that the hit 'Complicidad' was on the Billboard charts for 20 weeks and 'La Dulzura', is No. 1 on iTune's Tropical Latino list.

Another of the highlights of the day will be the Os Mutantes, one of the most influential Pop bands in Brazil, with a 47 year career which has two distinct stages, the first between 1968 and 1978, where they released several albums, in this first part they were one of the most dynamic, talented and radical groups of the psychedelic era. A trio of experimental musicians, the band innovated in the use of the coupling, distortion and tricks of all sorts. Then in 2006 began a more mature sound but never losing their roots and continuing to innovate and keeping their psychedelic style.

One that adds unmissable first version of Frontera Festival UK is a chilean singer Gepe, who has 5 albums released and two EPs. Today Gepe is one of the leading Latin American singers and has a prominent international career. Daniel Riveros (his real name), has become one of the main references of the golden generation of Chilean pop of the last decade. All thanks to its innovative musical concoctions that combine diverse styles such as reggaeton, Andean music, Pop and Folk. Gepe promises a vibrant and dynamic performance live.

We also have the presence of Argentina's most important electro pop quintet, Miranda!, who throughout their career have managed to perfect their style since its inception with unforgettable songs like ‘Yo te diré’, 'Prisionero' or 'Don '.

Frontera UK will also present Jenny and the Mexicats an independent band of multicultural origins led by London-based vocalist Jenny. The band brings together members of different nationalities to draw on their musical roots and create new stimulant sounds that truly make you want to join in, with hints of cumbia, flamenco, ska, jazz and reggae. The band has released two successful albums in Mexico and they will certainly bring their 'Frantic Rhythm'.

Finally we are pleased to have the Spanish band La Fuga, considered one of the best rock bands with more than 10 albums released to date, which traces its beginnings to the nineties where after much effort they succeed and edited their first album 'Mira'. This albums launched their success and this makes them part of this great festival that will take place in one of the music capitals of the world.

Tickets for the first edition of Frontera Festival UK will go on sale on Monday 14th March in

Early bird - £35.00
General - £40.00

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