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Viva Colombia! IndepenDance day :20 July - FREE

Viva Colombia! IndepenDance day :20 July - FREE

Yes, Londoners! Latinos in London Entertainment brings you an unmissable fiesta: VIVA COLOMBIA! next 20th July! Join the fiesta and celebrate with us Colombian IndepenDance day of one of the happiest countries in the world; know more about their wonderful culture and arts with our amazing people in London including live performance by our Latinos in London All Stars, a selection of special guests bringing the best of Colombia to London town alongside guests Dand our Bailoteca (Dance floor) with DJ with a Tropical style of Discos Fuentes' 14 canonazos bailables which are very popular compilation of best latin hits of the year from Popular music, Salsa, Urban, Champeta, Cumbia and Parranda vibes with a London twist.

20th July /2016 marks 206 years of the birth of a land called Colombia, blessed with a sultry Caribbean culture, exotic Amazon, mysterious Pacific coast, the dizzying height of the Andes and the vast Savannah grasslands (Llanos). Each geographical region isolated from the other for centuries, which has produced a varied cultural and musical legacy that echoes the natural environment. Combine this with the festive, happy, loveable and fun-loving people and you have a great party on your hands!
The live show provide a captivating and interactive live experience plus finish our celebration in the last hour with the popular colombian HORA LOCA (Crazy hour) to get you dancing up and down with a mix of rhythms.

Enjoy the best of the music from Colombia! The whole world knows Colombia is a country with a great musical tradition. Colombians don't just hear the music; they dance it, they sing it and they live it. Make sure you bring your party hat (sombrero vueltiao) or wear your best tropical shirt, colombian football t-shirt or your guayabera, mochila or carriel.

------------- ON THE DECKS -------------

Carlitos Nino Dj sessions showcase a wide range of musical styles fused with global & Latin rhythms – A musical bridge between past and present of latin american music from traditional roots and fusion to classical hits and emerging global artists around the world. (Arriba la Cumbia! - Latinos in London Radio Podcast) Latin Fusion & Global beats

6pm: Dj & Bailoteca / 8.30pm ish: Live shows & DJ until midnight.
Full programme to be announced soon.
Address: The Forge, Camden 3-7 Delancey Street, London NW1 7NL, London
RSVP +44 20 7383 7808

Curated by Carlitos Nino (
Enquiries: music @

*MENU: The Forge Cantina serves freshly-prepared modern British cuisine and a new latin american menu including Arepas, Tequenos, Ceviche, Argentinian steak, Chicharrones,etc.. and top quality drinks and cocktails.

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