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Fauna Brazil Exhibition : Until January 17

Fauna Brazil Exhibition : Until January 17

Gallery Square – Horniman Museum
Please note the exhibition dates are: 03 Jul 16 until January 17

The exhibition FAUNA BRAZIL brings some light to the most elusive and incredible species showing the diversity of the Brazilian wildlife, considered to be the biggest in the world with the most known species of plants, freshwater fish and mammals.

Documenting a large number of endemic species of the Atlantic Rain Forest to the abundance of animals in the Pantanal, Brazilian wetlands, the multi-award winning National Geographic Brasil wildlife photographer João Marcos Rosa travels the country’s natural sanctuaries through paths where jaguar hunts, rivers where giant otters fish and enormous trees where harpy eagles build their nests.

Currently the main seven Brazilian tropical ecosystems home several endangered species that fight for their survival resisting to this last century of disproportional exploitation. The deforestation of the Amazon and Atlantic Forest deeply affects the natural habitat and has now over 339 threatened wildlife species.

João Marcos Rosa was born in Brazil in 1979, and started his career in 1998, documenting the culture and wildlife of the Brazilian ecosystems. With a degree in Journalism and a post-graduation in Political Culture, he has specialised in documenting biodiversity and conservation having published internationally and taken part in main campaigns.

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