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FILM | Pachamama:  2 November

FILM | Pachamama: 2 November

Pachamama, a feature-length documentary produced and filmed by Alice Rowsome and Eliza Upadhyaya, aims to shed light on the human narratives behind climate change by giving an insight into the lives of the Kallawayas, an indigenous population in the Bolivian Andes.

Having been affected by climate change for over a decade, the Kallawayas have no doubt about the reality of climate change, and have had to find innovating ways to adapt. The Kallawayas are traditional healers and according to the UNESCO Safeguarding Project can be traced to the pre-Inca period. They rely on hundreds of plants in order to practice their traditional medicine. Yet, their extensive knowledge remains at risk of being lost as they struggle to survive in the delicate, and now, threatened mountainous region in which they have lived for centuries, as many have no choice but to migrate to the cities.

The documentary gives an intimate insight into the lives of one of the Kallawaya families in the village Characapi located more than 15 000 feet high in the Bolivian Andes. Emilio, Irma, Alfonso as well as the children David (12), Sonela (8) Yuli (5) invite us into their homes and share both how they have been impacted by the changing climate and how they are attempting to innovate and adapt.

This deeply human experience of climate change, often neglected in mainstream climate change narratives is the pillar of this documentary. As such, the film provides a fresh perspective on this issue, which fundamentally concerns all of us and the future of this planet.

Please join the filmmakers at Chatham House for the World Premiere of the film.

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