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New Sounds of Colombia : 29 June

New Sounds of Colombia : 29 June

We’re bringing together two of the freshest acts of Colombian new music scene for a unique evening full of Caribbean rhythms mixed up with contemporary electronic, funk and rock sounds. Come and taste some of Colombia’s most exciting new musical references who are heading to be part of this year’s Glastonbury Festival!



COLECTRO are a Colombian musical collective that puts together a unique ensemble

of rhythms from the Caribbean such as Son de Garabato”, Bullerengue”, Son de negro, Jalao, and Chalupa; and combines them with world music genres like Soukous and Electronic… This fusion makes an explosive experience filled with sonic emotions that will drive you to uncontrollably rise your feet.




Masilva is a spacey and sonic Electroubadour who composes upbeat, trippy tunes based on Latin-American tradition and global sounds. His third album -Juglaría Gallinaza (July 2016)- is inspired by the sounds of Champeta, Tambora, Guaracha, Afro-Beat and Huayno together with Electro, Funk, Dub and Hip Hop. Featured in two songs is Psychedelic Champeta star Abelardo Carbonó. First two albums -Criollo Businessman and Condor- have been distributed in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Japan. Producers like Richard Blair (Sidestepper) and Mad Professor have mixed and remixed his work. 

Masilva’s albums, songs and videos have been reviewed by Red Bull Panamerika (Mexico), MTV Iggy (USA), Remezcla (USA), Sound and Colours (UK) among others and he has toured around Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.

On the decks Dj Cal Jader (Movimientos) + Carlitos Nino (Arriba la Cumbia!/Latinos in London) from Colombia playing a journey through the past, present and future of Colombian music, latin vibes and global beats.

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