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Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou : 14 November

Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou : 14 November

The Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou duet is a fresh collaboration between the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Roman Gomez, and the Cypriot jazz vocalist, Andria Antoniou.

After their first productive collaboration in Athens where they have recorded some original music, Roman & Andria appear for the first time together in London featuring the new songs composed by Roman Gomez and their own arrangements of a selection of songs from different parts of Latin America.

“At the heart of this collaboration is the vehemence and creativity that springs from improvised jazz. Argentinian tango, Latin American folklore, along with the colours of Debussy and Bartok’s music, have found their way into Roman’s compositions and have become the foundation of the duet’s unique and personal style. The duet’s music is sensitive, full of passion, and energy while the melodies are lyrical and ethereal accompanied by fiery rhythms. The performers’ style draws upon impressionistic elements, creating evocative imagery through the explorative use of “colour” in harmonic usage, texture and timbre.”

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