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Migration Stories Feat. Sofia Buchuck : 23/01/13

Migration Stories Feat. Sofia Buchuck : 23/01/13

Can home be translated? Three poets take us over the bridge. What happens to our stories when we take them abroad? A poet arriving in a new country will have to express his or her past in new words – whether for the purposes of seeking asylum, or to integrate into a new society. Can an old story be dressed in new clothes? Can new stories be taken home again? Looking especially at the idea of ‘untranslatable’ words tied to particular cultures, this event will explore what it means for a poet to choose a new language, or tighten their grip on an old one.
You can also contribute your own untranslatable words. 

Email your word, plus its unique definition, to, or tweet @freewordcentre; or else just come and contribute it on the night. The best untranslatable words will be mentioned at the event, and discussed in a Free Word podcast.

Featuring Nii Parkes, Maria Jastrzebska and Sofia Buchuck, presented by Carole Angier, this is one of a series of events convened by Ollie Brock, one of Free Word's current Translators-in-Residence.

Nii Parkes is a Ghanaian poet and novelist who grew up speaking Engish, French and Ga, one of the co-official languages of Ghana. Maria Jastrzebska is a Polish-born poet, editor and translator based in Brighton. She has published collections of her own poetry in English, translated poetry from the Slovene, and edited numerous anthologies. Her drama Dementia Diaries toured the UK last year.

Sofia Buchuck is a Peruvian poet and musician, composing and writing in English, Spanish and Quechua. Carole Angier is an award-winning biographer, herself a speaker of several languages, who has worked extensively with migrant writers and poets, including on the 2009 anthology See How I Land.


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