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ART | Enrique Brinkmann: Painting in Space : 7 Feb. - 29 March

ART | Enrique Brinkmann: Painting in Space : 7 Feb. - 29 March

Following the inaugural UK retrospective of Spanish artist Enrique Brinkmann, The Poetics of Silence in 2011, which featured works covering a span of 50 years, rosenfeld porcini presents Painting in Space – The Dilemma of Gesture, a new exhibition showcasing the artist’s most recent work.

This exhibition marks a point of departure for Brinkmann, as the artist presents for the first time two sculptural pieces Estela (2013) and Cuatro Estudios de Sonajero Chino (2011). Brinkmann also introduces the extraordinary series on paper Reportajes (Reporting, 2013), which recalls his black and white period from 1961– 1974, when Franco was ruling in Spain.

Due to the political situation in his country at that epoch and being a lifelong committed socialist, his primary concern was with narrative. There was a sense of foreboding in all the paintings he produced in those years. Since the death of Franco, he has been concerned above all with formal language. With Reportajes, Enrique Brinkmann has returned to black & white, managing to create a perfect symbiosis between his need for narrative and for his formal experimentation; his extreme sense of aesthetics extending as far as designing the complex pressed cardboard frame around the work. Here, Brinkmann no longer deals with specific political issues but rather presents a more philosophical approach to human drama. The series is completed by the sculpture Estela, which is, in effect, a three dimensional approach to what is happening in the paper works.


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