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1st Meeting of Latin american - Spanish Poets & Writers :  1-2 March

1st Meeting of Latin american - Spanish Poets & Writers : 1-2 March

A 2 days session of playful exquisite writing poems and collective reading with Live music including poems by various authors. The group will share their personal experiences in the process of literary creation , influences , etc. . Focusing on interesting topics such as " exile, migration, gender , and literary style , and above all, the problem will be addressed identity , roots, or uprooting, as applicable , the writer who lives in another cultural context, but rather the inevitable , being own immigrant. Also the programme will include:
Forum of questions and answers.

The literary group of Spanish and Latin American Poets and Writers Londoncomformed by Sofia Buchuck of Peru, Mabel Encinas of Mexico, Eduardo Embry Chile, Isabel del Rio of Spain, Barbara L. López Cardona of Colombia, Ecuador Soraya Fernandez, Leonardo Boix de Argentina, Denisse Vargas of Bolivia, Roberto Rivera  of Chile, Angel Hernandez-France- Humberto Gatica-Chile, will be sharing their literary work and development around the following issues of: Diaspora- Exile, inmigration, idenitity and life in London. Open forum and discussion.

Each day will conclude with live music and poetry performances and collective participation, as well as  free workshops on creative writing and  poetry,  collective readings and ludic writing with the “cadaver exquisito”.
Also live music from different parts of Latin America and Spain.
The event will be held at:
UNITE 128 Theobald's Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8TN, the Diskus living in the basement.

Live music and poetry from different parts of Latin America and Spain .
Free writing workshops.
Mini stories by Isabel del Rio.
Creative Poetry and Literature.
Event included also artists as Eduardo Embry Chile, Argentina Leonardo Boix , Isabel del Rio , Spain, Sofia Buchuck Peru , Ecuador Soraya Fernandez , Barbara Lopez Cardona Colombia , Bolivia Dennise - Vargas , Roberto Rivera -Chile - Mexico Mabel Encinas .

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