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CirColombia Urban @ Roundhouse, London 16/4/11  on 2011-04-16

Following a sell-out run as part of Roundhouse CircusFest in April 2010, Circolombia were back with a reworking of Urban for 2011. Forget everything you know about circus. Circolombia is nothing like the animal jumping circus you remember as a child.

Circolombia is gritty, modern, full of attitude and comprised of a motley crew of exuberant young artists, whose awe-inspiring acrobatic prowess is matched by their high voltage energy.

Urban features some of the best performers from Circo Para Todos (Circus For All), Colombia's national circus school and the first professional circus school in the world for disadvantaged young people, which produces world-class performers.

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Saturday 30th of August 2014 05:41:12 PM

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