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Lokandes "The making of the new album"  on 2013-05-14

Latinos in London is proud to introduce our local London band "Lokandes" as part of our first Music Grant. Via this, their work will be showcased in addition to the backing of their music creation process. This project nicely leads us into thr creation of our record label this year, with Lokandes' upcoming album featuring as the debut work of our team of sound engineering professionals, recording studios, designers and artists.

Congratulations to Lokandes on being selected for this project involving socially conscious lyrics with original Andean instruments and percussion from Latin America fused with different rhythms and nationalities from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, China, Spain, UK and Colombia.

Recordings started on 14.05.13 and slowly but truly we will keep working to finish this new challenge this year. We will keep you informed.

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