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Latin America UK Professional Development Grant

Since 2008, one graduate per year who has excelled academically in Latin America or Iberia benefits from the academic, professional & social networks of our business & social portfolio. This professional grant is at the core of Latin America UK Ltd's Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.

During & Prior to a period of residence in the UK, our grant winner receives:

(A) The backing of our extensive resources & partnerships to secure employment/professional experience in his/her area 000 of study in the UK.

(B) English language learning support and personalised assistance in securing university offers & funding for Further 0.0 Studies in the UK.


2012 Gerson Tonino

"I arrived to England with a Degree in journalism and experience working at Caracol News network. London brought a new challenge in terms of language and my professional area and although I was assigned sporadic news reports from abroad, it was not until I was contacted by Latin america UK that I was able to exploit my experience in South America. 

The support I received was structured around the MB in International Relations I studied in London throughout the 2011-2012 academic year and it was extremely helpful to be able to study through the week knowing the weekends would be dedicated to structuring my CV and job applications towards the type of work i wanted.

After going through a number of interviews and CV re-writing sessions, I secured a position with UK-based Perform Group and am now working as a full-time sports journalist in London."

2011 Juan Barreto

"While working as a trainee goalkeeper in South America, I found out about the Latin America UK Grant and wrote them an email asking what opportunities could exist for me in England.

After finding out I would have to be in England for the long-term in order to benefit from the Grant, I purchased an English language course in London and reapplied. LAUK helped me to put together an application for sponsorship via the South American division of FIFA and I was awarded funding for my travel to and accommodation in London, in addition to a Level 1 Refereeing Course with the English Football Association.

Preparing for the Refereeing Course was difficult as English is not my first language but I was given extensive support and passed with flying colours.

I am now working as a professional referee for the English Football Association and training at grass-roots level for Arsenal FC on a part-time basis.

The help I received was invaluable and I have also been able to help other people who were in the same situation I was in with advice based on my own experience."

2010 Nicolás Acosta

"I arrived to London, England after completing a BA degree in Music at Javeriana University, Colombia. My aim was to accumulate professional experience in the UK music industry while also studying English.

Latin America UK provided me with regular opportunities to perform & teach music across London and networked tirelessly to organise meetings for me with people at all levels of the industry. I only wish I could have taken advantage of all the talks, projects and workshops I was booked in for.

The highlight of my stay was the music conference & accompanying concert I was hired to organise and perform in Switzerland. Travel, accommodation, VISAS & payment were fully taken care of for me & I enjoyed a whole weekend presenting the full extent of my academic studies to a European audience.

The English language support helped me extensively, especially towards the end of my period of study when exams approached. The contacts I have made here and certified experience I will be able to demonstrate when I return to South America will definitely give me an advantage there and I can't thank the team at Latin America UK enough for the support, dedication and time they put into helping me maximise my professional & social achievements

2009 Edwin Zapata

"After graduating in Linguistics from Industrial University of Santander, Colombia, my parents supported my idea of travelling to Europe to broaden my horizons and take on further studies.

After a month in London, I decided to prepare to be accepted on a Master's Degree at UCL (University College London).

The first step towards this was to achieve the 70% score required on English Language Tests for entry to UK universities.

The support I received from Latin America UK, extra to the pre-test lessons I was already taking was excellent and I passed my exams within 2 months.

An opportunity to teach linguistics & applied English was then provided to me at the Colombian Consulate in London and with it I was able to prove current UK experience when I was interviewed for entry to the Master's Degree.

I received a lot of help when writing my personal statement & was given a conditional offer for the degree. I am starting in a few weeks & can't wait."


2008 Juan Araújo

"I arrived to London, England with a BSc Physics Degree from Los Distrital University, Colombia. I had wanted to study a Master's Degree in the same field abroad & was very pleased to see Latin America UK sending me needs analysis forms & requesting certificates of my studies well ahead of my estimated arrival date in England.

They were extremely helpful during my period of adaptation in the UK and supported my English language learning throughout my stay. After finishing my language course, they helped me with university applications, references and personal statements throughout the summer.

I was eventually offered a 50% scholarship at Oxford University and a full scholarship at Upsala University Sweden. I chose Sweden, left the UK and started my Masters in Physics."


If you are a student in Latin America Planning to spend a 6 month - 18 month period in England and believe you have the academic excellence to be considered for the LAUK grant, write to us at Please allow up to 15 days for replies.

If you represent an educational institution (University, Secondary School, Private ACE Institution, Further Education Provider, Training Provider) and wish to put forward one or many of your students for grant consideration, write to us at . Please allow up to 15 days for replies.

If you represent a UK employer, company or institution interested in benefiting from staff selected from high academic achievers in Latin America during a period of 6 to 18 months, write to us at . Please allow up to 15 days for replies.