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Fantoons  in London
Fantoons  on 2012-11-19

Fantoons Comic Strip - Every week

Our friends from Fantoons are back and now as a comic strip every Monday! We are proud to say that Fantoons has talent from the UK, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil,Venezuela, Mexico, Germany and the USA. Fantoons has been recognised by Cinefringe film festival, Klik! animation festival, Portobello Film festival, cinerock, Urban media makers film festival , Linoleum festival and Marbella film festival, Bang Film festival, Salford Film Festival,Boomtown Film and Music Festival .

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THE STORY OF FANTOONS : “Can a crazy fan use the most extreme tactics, in order to get close to his beloved celebrities?” He just looooves celebrities…

An autograph, a lock of hair, a smile or a slap! He will do anything and everything to get close; even for a nano second. He is the crazy kid that never grew up; still living inside everyone of us… THE FAN.

The Fan’s life consists of a daily quest to meet a celebrity; unwittingly causing chaos everywhere he goes, giving way to the (in)famous events that have shaped the history of pop culture.

The wackiness of being a fan is about to begin!

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