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Latinos in London  on 2012-11-09

Tiger's Milk Records Peru-UK

Stemming from an unbridled passion and determination to discover and celebrate the diversity and quality of music produced in Peru past and present, Tiger’s Milk Records’ first ambition is to release a series of singles that highlight vintage periods in modern Peruvian history.

The label was set up by Anglo Peruvian Martin Morales (ex iTunes, Outcaste, Union Square’s Ocho), who co-runs the label with Duncan Ballantyne ( ex-Soundway, Naïve, Kartel & Far Out).

Like the marinaded fish dish Ceviche, music has always been a mainstay of Peru’s cultural life. Music is and has always been a key ingredient to Peru’s collective cultural identity. The evoloution from the Afro - Peruvian creole tradition of the 1950’s to the psychedlic cumbias of the 70’s to the bleeps, basslines and cumbia mashups of modern day Lima has always reflected Peru’s unique national and indigenous identity - it’s language, religion, philosophy and culture have been shaped by its Andean past and ancestory.

Tiger’s Milk Records is a brand new record label. It’s “first ambition is to release a series of singles that highlight vintage periods in Peru’s musical history” and music from emerging Peruvian artists. Awesome idea right? Founder of Soho-based Peruvian restaurant Ceviche, Martin Morales made this possible. On November the 5th, Tiger’s Milk Records will release their first 7” which will include two tracks. The first one entitled “Meshkalina” by Paco Zambrano and the second one “La Cumbia Del Pacurro” by Juaneco. Just to let you know, these songs are pure psychedelic rock/surf/cumbia music. Enjoy! 

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