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Carlos Nino  in MUSIC
Local Bands  on 2012-03-10

Carlos Pena y su salsa swing

Carlos is a hugely talented musician and songwriter who has sung alongside some of the great salsa legends. He worked with Oscar D'León, performed by invitation with Ismael Rivera and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, and recorded with Tito Allen on the album Salsa Feeling by La Clave de Londres, He also is one of the lead singers of well know band Ska Cubano.

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Salsa with a touch of jazz and swing, this album of brand new songs has a modern and original sound. Lyrical, magnetic and irresistably danceable.

This album really showcases Carlos' talent as a 'singer and composer who brings you a modern and original sound with a very personal touch' (Crónica Latina), telling stories through his songs. The band is superb, rhythmic percussion providing the heartbeat for the soaring horns and energetic piano. The music has great energy and infectious rhythm, and the talents of all the musicians are evident. From the lyrical 'Mi Música' to the irresistably danceable 'Cómo Quedo Ahí' and finishing with a cool, magnetic latin jazz, this music will whisk you away to the hot latin climes and let you party your summer away.

Carlos' propensity for singing and music was evident from an early age, performing on television at age 7. As a teenager he was the drummer in a rock ballad band, and later joined a band in Caracas, ‘Los Melómanos’ (‘The Restless Rhythm Boys’), in which he was both lead singer and percussionist. This was his first incursion into the new musical movement, created in new York, called ‘salsa’. He has had a long professional career since then, becoming a renowned performer in Venezuela, the UK and beyond.

Carlos has performed with salsa legends Oscar D'León, Ismael Rivera and the Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, and has performed and recorded with great salsa and latin jazz acts like Grupo X, La Clave de Londres and Ska Cubano. This is Carlos Peña's first solo album of his own original compositions, recorded entirely with Venezuelan musicians and sound engineers, giving a truly authentic sound.

‘Music is the clearest way I have to communicate with the public, whom I greatly respect and love, and I am very grateful to them for the support and affection which they show for me.

Carlos Peña

‘Whenever we talk of the soneros here in Venezuela, we must not forget this young man.’
Oscar D’León


The performances of Carlos Peña will always have an abundance of feeling and taste, and his songs will be accompanied by the applause and voices of all the followers of rhythm in the world.’
Víctor Salazar Pinto, President of the Musicians’ Federation in Venezuela


Carlos Peña, artist of great direction and professionalism, singer and composer who brings you a modern and original sound with a very personal touch.’
Rosalia Rubio, Crónica Latina, London

‘Carlos Peña y sus Muchachos were simply superb – Carlos was an irresistible and hugely talented force – wonderful voice and charismatic appeal – refusing to acknowledge that Glasgow is not a Spanish city – language proved not to be a barrier.’
Pat Byrne, Reviews Liveliest Night of the Year


How Edinburgh has the luck to have as a permanent resident one of Venezuela’s great salseros, the man who made his name working alongside the legendary Oscar D’León, may be a long story, but it’s having a remarkable effect on the UK salsa scene. Not only does Carlos Peña have the enticing, tangy, nasal tones of the preferred salsero, but he has the gift of witty improvisation that sets the truly good singer apart.’
Jan Fairley, The Scotsman


I have to say that this Venezuelan salsa singer is destined to be one great sonero.’
Eric Gonzalez


A very special guest star, namely top Venezuela singer Carlos Peña, a salsa sonero star who has performed with the legendary bandleader Oscar D'Leon.’
Sue Wilson, The Scotsman


Leading the salsa orchestra is singer Carlos Peña, regarded as one of the great salseros to come out of Venezuela.’
Martin Claffey, The Biz.

Don't miss from renowned Venezuelan salsero Carlos Peña y su Salsa Swing, 'Mi Música', a new album of original compositions. OUT NOW!

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