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Pernett Album Release: Al Caribe Volveré

Part of his new album Caribean Computer, Colombian well known musician Pernett released his new video : Al caribe volvere, revealing part of his amazing journey to Japan this year playing alongside the Sukiyaki Steel Orchestra and bringing back his memories between music, life and friends. This new video bring us back to the caribbean side of everyone, the sea, childhood and also images of friends left behind that always will be in our hearts, and for Pernett also the best way to continue creating, transforming and fusioning his music. Congratulations to Pernett for the greatest year of his career and the evolution he gave to colombian music all this years.

Humberto Pernett grew up in the midst of Barranquilla’s famous carnival atmosphere. Since early childhood he was captivated by music, and curiosity made him his own teacher. At age 9 he was making music with a tape recorder, a guitar and a Casiotonebank CTK 120. This musical experiences shaped Pernett’s own rhythms and styles: folklore produced with electronic instruments.

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