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Carlos Nino  in LOCAL MUSIC
Latinos in London  on 2012-01-07

Reverso : Radio Comfort

'Radio Comfort' is the awaited and acclaimed result of the evolution and establishment of ska mestizo: the live sound of Reverso. This album steps up from their previous work and encapsulates the fresh and strong identity of the 7-piece band which dominates London's latin-ska scene. 'Radio Comfort' offers 11 new songs that are a fusion of ska and reggae with a wide palet of latin rhythms: merengue, salsa, tango, ballad, cumbia, and even balkan sounds. The lyrics cover a variety of topics with a hint of irony, humour, romance and hope. 'Radio Comfort' is exactly that: Comfort in Music!

Abner Pérez: Main vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, BVs.
Daniel Pérez: drums, programming, BVs.
Jonnathan Pérez: Bass, BVs.
Joe Morris: Trumpet.
Ian Bumstead: Saxophone.
Jeremy Shaverin: Percussions on track 1,2,6,10.
Giles Bennett: Electric Guitar on track 1,2,6,10.
Brendan Christie: Electric Guitar on track 3-5,7-9,11.

Lyrics and Music: Abner Pérez, except track 6: Abner Pérez and Daniel Pérez; and track 11: Abner Pérez and Jonnathan Pérez.
Recording Engineering: Juan Luis Ayala @ Mind Motion Studios, London, UK
Assistant Engineering: Daniel Pérez: track 1,2,6,10. and Øyvind Aamli: track 3-5, 7-9,11.
Mixed and Mastered: Daniel Pérez, except track 1: Daniel Pérez and Giles Bennett.

Additional recording @ The Perez Attic and Brendan's room, London, UK.

Art Cover design: Luisa Fernanda Pulido.

â„— 2012 Reverso © 2011 Reverso . The copyright in this recording is owned by Abner Pérez and Daniel Pérez. All rights reserved.

Thanks and love to: our families, friends, fans and all the audiences that keep shaping our sound.

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