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Carlos Nino  in LOCAL MUSIC
Latinos in London  on 2012-11-18

Son Yambu : La Maravilla

Son Yambu are a UK based band play authentic Cuban son - the essential Afro-Cuban sound that originated in the streets of eastern Cuba and gave rise to modern salsa. The band members, who all have a lifetime’s experience playing son, mainly come from Santiago De Cuba (the birthplace of son) and are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre.

Playing their irresistible tropical rhythms, Son Yambu bring their audiences a truly sensational, authentic Latin-music experience, and their music is guaranteed to turn any event into a fiesta!

Check their new album "La Maravilla"

More info:

Band Members

Yuri Moreno - vocals
José Alejandro Cesar Cascaret - vocals percussion
Tony Danger - vocals
Manuel Alejandro Tellez - trés, bass
Victor Hechevarria - trumpet
Jaro Barnik
Oscar Vasquez Romero - bass, trés
Rey Crespo - guitar, bass
Rene 'Menique' Savigne - percussion
Toby Herschmann - percussion
Gabriel Temo - percussion

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