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Latinos in London  on 2011-09-08

Britain's Peruvian Funky : Alx Alfaro

Alx Alfaro is a Peruvian composer and guitarist, and leading proponent of the Latin Music. He has created a highly successful blend of salsa, cumbia, chicha, flamenco, latin funk and jazz fusion. His sound featured his melodic Latin guitar lines set against Latin percussion, mix with contemporary rhythms. He was born in Cuzco - Peru the capital of the Inca Empire, and has more than finteen years of experience delivering live performances and workshops. He has devoted his life to the study of music completing Degrees in Music Production and Jazz; he is a multi instrumentalist playing bass, guitar, charango, djembé, congas, timbales, and numerous latin percussion instruments, also he plays ethnich instruments from his country like the zamponas (pampipes), quenas (andean flutes) and many more to name.

Through the past years he has worked closely with: The Arts Council, The Sage Gateshead , Vamos Festival, and Creative Partnerships. He joined the peruvian band “APU” in 1994 til 1996 and work in London with Edgar Villaroel in 1997 performing at the Barbican, also he has performed at different festivals for “Line up - entertainment agency”. In 2006 he has performed at The Sage Gateshead with the Northern Sinfonia and Nitin Sawhney for the “Anthems for Northumberland Project” and in 2007 at “Vamos Festival” with the “Geordie Latinos Salsa Band”. In 2008 worked with “Cultura Brava” performing around the in different festivals and during 2008/9 also worked with “Lokandes Project” in London and his last collaboration was with the “Chinches” in November 2009.

During 2010 he has started a new project called "DALE BURUNDANGA" wich is a band that blends Afro-Peruvian rhythms with Latin Jazz also many differents concerts in London from folk, funk and andean fusion and being part of Big Chill Festival and different gigs in London s DJ and musician with Movimientos.  He is one of the very few latin guitarists / percussionist who has also successfully crossed over into other different genres of music. He enjoys, and has been a successful musician in many styles, such as salsa, latinjazz, rock and world music. Alx spends time each year in South America to keep in touch with his routes, he enjoys photography and is writing his first book.


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