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Carlos Nino  in London, United Kingdom
Latinos in London  on 2012-12-26

London's Best Latino Urban Music 2012

Latinos in London's editor has assembled our favorites urban artists of 2012.  Browse through and check out what music our editor have been listening to local urban music from hip hop, rap and  R'n B and also watching live this year.  We recognized the efforts of these artists and bands who delivered these projects with the difficulties that sometimes this means for an artist because of the lack of support from the music industry and still remain. For all our latin artists and latin music lovers please receive from us our sincere congratulations on the great work done this year for the quality and the effort to release his original songs putting the Latino music in a high level around the UK. For us is a chance to let them know the value of his work and continue our campaign to support the local music scene by attending concerts and buying their music , so you can understand the great work that these ambassadors of Latin American music made outside their country of origin.

This list is not a competition! is a recognition to our latin american people and those who love and are involved with latin culture, also an opportunity for you to understand the community, go out and see the bands, visit the exhibitions and know the artists and if you like listen their music or buy their art.  So, that's why we deicide to give a compliment to our local artists, those who are working really hard and make us proud; also more unbelievable a recognition for some of them who are not latinos but also are in love with our culture! Check it out!

EDITOR'S CHOICE : Best London's Latino urban music 2012

[This list is without ranking them in order]

01 - Flowsnatcha

FlowSnatcha is a London based amalgamation of Cuban, Santiageran Mc Floiran and Swiss Argentinian DJ / Producer The Snatcha. The FlowSnatcha music making process and the end product exemplifies musical cross pollination and confidently affirms the contemporary adaptability of Afro-Cuban beats.
Cuban Mc Floiran firmly anchors the FlowSnatcha sound in the heart of the Caribbean, Santiago de Cuba (Tierra Caliente) whilst DJ/Producer Snatcha uses his skill and experience producing Electronic music, to ‘funk it up’ London-style. The concoction in the FlowSnatcha Dutch pot is eclectic and full flavoured to say the least. With generous helpings of Cuban Hip Hop and Moombahton/core, as well as lashings of Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and soulful vocals with a sprinkle of Merengue, Timba and Swing, the FlowSnatcha ‘broth’ gets mouths watering and feet moving almost instantly.

02 - Philipsman & Lolo MC + Nanacere Band

The Philips Man & Lolo MC + Nanacere Band play a live fusion of Afro-Latin-Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa. They have a live DJ and Electric Guitar, Bass and Guest Vocalists, Congas and Drums.
NANACERE is the brainchild of cuban hip-hop artist, Philips Man. A live band including Philips Man on vocals; DJ Green, Oriente Star Sound, playing live on Technics; Maloke, who has played live with Buena Vista Social Club on drums playing complicated ragga beats; Rene, percussionist from Cuba, who has played live all over the world supporting various performers live on stage.

03 - Street Souls

One of our favorites and with more projection this year showing his hardwork with Street Souls, Mike K-llejero brought together a selective group of from various parts of london to combine there musical sounds,styles and ideas to create "street souls - almas callejeras" (Mic k'llejero / Cerb Darque aka DogMan / La Guerrera) They bring you sounds from grime, hip hop,soul and reggaeaton, a lyrical group which talks about situation that go on in our world today!!!

04 - Zona Protesta

Zona protesta was created in 2009 by Camilo Cruz, Santiago castano and sebastian bonilla, with the purpose of creating a different sound of what latin urban music in london was typically doing; making protest music was the main objective but also creating music that people from all ages can listen to. Most of the music they have done so far has been in spanish but now they want to go into a more multicultural scene and are working in creating music in english to spread their messege more widely.

05 - Nuevo Gobierno - NG recordz

New Govenment (Nuevo Gobierno), generally known as “NG Recordz”, a Latin urban group currently based in London – United Kingdom, formed of three vocalists with unique styles in music. The Ecuadorian born artists which met in London in 2000 after following the Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and Grime genres decided to work together on projects that involved producing and composing their own music since 2004 with the group name of “New Government” which symbolises their new style of music which has influences of Reggaeton, Funky House, Hip-Hop, and Grime rhythms.

06 - JC Cazper

JC.Cazper born in London with Colombian heritage who started his performances from a young age, also writing, rapping and singing music since 2004. Together with his crew ’Lyrical Maniaticos’ he opened concerts for ’Tito El Bambino’, ’Lito & Polaco’,’Nicky Jam’, ’Baby Rasta & Gringo’ , Hector ' El Father'  and ’Don Omar’.

07 - Flaco Concreto

08 - Guayaco el imprescindible

09 - Menace & Poeta

10 - Young Fleva feat Plaka Romeo , Los Imparables, Caroline and more..

11 - L-O & Mafla

12 - Valenciz

Currently launched as a solo artist intergrating different genres and backrounds of music he now outputs original material with one quality that outlines him having
the ability to write his own songs in english and spanish. Incredibly Versatile but basis most of his tracks on House, Reggaeton and electro beats including fresh sounds like moonbahton which is a growing genre in America, South America and Europe.

13 - Ando y Mello

13 - Indio Lyrico

14 - Metafora

15 - C Jota

16- LexiMan

Leximan was born in santiago de cuba under the influence of tradicional cuban music,salsa,rumba and latin Reggae. In 1996 he registered at the school of music Alejandro garcia caturla for singing lessons. After 2 year,Lexi joined a grup of young musicians for a salsa proyect as a lead singer and years later,in 2000 he created revelation faray with Neto Man together they released stand up rasta a single that was soon play all over the country,from that moment Leximan was born. In the UK Leximan is working on his music with a combination of spanish and english, Hip hop and R&B.

17 - Ministros de la Habana

‘Los Ministros de la Habana’ is a project that brings the original sounds of the musical republic of Habana, Cuba to the UK. Together with their band they create an upbeat, high-energy mix of ‘timba’ and Cuban reggaeton or timbaton, one of the most influential sounds of the city in Cuba today.

18- Kid Afrika (R.I.P)

Kid Afrika mixes Latino rap with funky, soulful vocals, laid down over a backdrop of hip hop, reggaeton and afro-cuban beats. This unique fusion of poppy salsa and rumba hooks with a tight versatile hip-hop flow, combined with his explosive live shows have gained him the reputation of being one of the most charismatic, energetic and talented Latin performers in Europe. Danny Ramirez aka Kid Afrika passed away 7th February / 2012. Rest in Peace.


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