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Carlos Nino  in London, United Kingdom
Latinos in London  on 2012-12-26

London's Best Tropical artists 2012

Latinos in London's editor has assembled our favorite London's Salsa bands of 2012.  Browse through and check out what music we have been listening to and watching live with a tropical taste from salsa and Son to merengue and bachata performing highly active this year.

We recognized the efforts of these artists and bands who delivered these projects with the difficulties that sometimes this means for an artist because of the lack of support from the music industry and still remain. For all our latin artists and latin music lovers please receive from us our sincere congratulations on the great work done this year for the quality and the effort to playing on many venues and this artists are some of the most hardworkers this year.  For us is a chance to let know others to value their work and continue our campaign to support the local music scene by attending concerts and buying their music , so you can understand the great job these ambassadors of Latin American music made outside their own country.

This list is not a competition! is a recognition to our latin american people and those who love and are involved with latin culture, also an opportunity for you to understand the community, go out and see the bands, visit the exhibitions and know the artists and if you like listen their music or buy their art.  So, that's why we deicide to give a compliment to our local artists, those who are working really hard and make us proud; also more unbelievable a recognition for some of them who are not latinos but also are in love with our culture! Check it out!

Editors' Choice : Best London's Tropical Bands 2012
[This list is without ranking them in order]

01- Robin del Castillo

 02 - Conjunto Sabroso

03 - Manteca

04- Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe

05 - Jesus Cutino & Son de Cuba

06 - Cuban Combination

07 - Son Yambu

08 - La Tropical Orquesta

09 - Salseology

10 - De Latin Sound

11 - Roberto Pla & his latin Ensemble

12 - Viva all Stars

13 - Osvaldo Chacon

14 - Angie Rincon

15 -  Palenke

16 - Penya

17 - Son Real Orquesta


18 - George Peguero

19 -Los Soneros

20 - Angelica Lopez & Salsa Fire

21 - July Julay

22 - Orquesta Estelar

23 - Orquesta La Rebelion

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