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Mariano Ortiz  in London, England
Latinos in London  on 2013-01-01

Latino Literature of the Month - January 2013

Updated weekly, recommended Latino literature available in London Bookstores. Latin American / Iberian literature consists of oral and written literature in several languages, particularly in Spanish, Portuguese, and indigenous languages of the Americas. It rose to particular prominence globally during the second half of the 20th century, largely due to the international success of the style known as magical realism. As such, the region's literature is often associated solely with this style. This largely obscures a rich and complex tradition of literary production that dates back many centuries. From pre-Colombian literature through to Post-Boom and Contemporary literature, via Colonial, Ninetheenth Century, Modernismo and post-word war II Boom writers, we invite you to enjoy our recommended texts and contribute to the expansion of Portuguese / Spanish / indigenous language reading in the capital.  

Our recommended books for January 2013 are:

Wellsprings (by Mario Vargas Llosa). When a master novelist, essayist, and critic searches for the wellsprings of his own work, where does he turn? Mario Vargas Llosa - Peruvian writer, presidential contender, and public intellectual - answers this most personal question with elegant concision in this collection of essays. In "Four Centuries of Don Quixote," he revisits the quintessential Spanish novel -a fiction about fiction whose ebullient prose still questions the certainties of our stumbling ideals. In a nuanced appreciation of Ortega y Gasset, Vargas Llosa recovers the democratic liberalism of a misunderstood radical -a mid-century political philosopher ignored because "he was only a Spaniard."

Price:  £11.99 / ISBN: 9780674028364. Available at European Book Shop, London: 5 Warwick Street W1B 5LU. Also online @ EBS

El Viejo celoso and El celoso extremeño (by Miguel de Cervantes - Spain). Both representative of his short works in two different genres in each of which he excelled: the short, one-act comedy and the extended short story. Each in its distinctive way refashions the ancient tale tradition of the jealous husband and the adulterous wife and engages with the psychological, moral and social issues surrounding it. In "El Celoso Extremeno" - set in Seville and the Americas - the social and human frame expands, and horizons generally broaden. Here the sexual and matrimonial themes are linked to an exploration of the themes of delusion and freedom which reveals Cervantes as one of the most enquiring minds of the early modern world. This edition of his work provides an extensive introduction, including new research and new critical thought. 

Price: £11.99 / ISBN: 9781853996078. Available at European Book Shop, London: 5 Warwick Street W1B 5LU. Also online @ EBS and Amazon.

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