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Mariano Ortiz  in London, England
Latinos in London Ltd  on 2013-03-16

Get your name in Time Magazine London!

Open letter from Time Magazine UK to all Latinos in Lonodn Ltd members and staff..

"Dear Latinos in London Staff & Members,

My name is Sorcha Pollak and I'm a journalist with TIME magazine in the London bureau. I'm currently doing some research into the important names to have emerged from Latin America in 2012. I'm specifically focusing on people who work in the arts – writers, actors, directors, musicians etc… I wondered with your expertise in Latin American cultural studies whether you would have any suggestions of big names that have appeared in the last year or so. If you do have any ideas feel free to contact me at this email or on one of the numbers below.

Kind regards,"

Sorcha Pollak
TIME Magazine London
Blue Fin Building
London SE1 0SU
+44 (0)203 1483218
+44 (0)7592385369

A Portrait of the new pope, Francis

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