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Karolina Brzozowska  in Edinburgh, Scotland
International Citizen Service  on 2013-03-17

How YOU can Help Empoverished Children in Bolivia

It has once been said that “if you want to innovate, to change an enterprise or a society, it takes people willing to do what is not expected” (Jean Ribould). In fact, some argue that the only true expectation of us is to respect strangers’ “negative” rights, in the sense that we are only obliged to not to harm them, rather than to benefit them. Yes, this is the minimum expectation of any member of the society. No, it is not enough. I am sure that you agree - and this is why I find myself writing to you.

My name is Karolina Brzozowska and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I have recently been admitted onto the UK’s foremost global volunteer programme – the International Citizen Service.

International Service, one of the above mentioned organisations, is an international development charity which protects and promotes the rights of most marginalised people around the world. As a part of the ICS scheme they send youth volunteers to countries in need, including Bolivia. Due to my knowledge of Spanish, my skills and experiences, I have been successfully admitted onto the team departing to Bolivia for 12 weeks this summer. There, alongside local volunteers, I will be working with the most disadvantaged your and children in and around the capital city of La Paz.

I sincerely trust that you, above all, understand the invaluable impact which volunteers have on fighting poverty in Bolivia.

However, in order to participate, I am required to raise a minimum of £800 for International Service. While I am determined to make every effort to meet the fundraising, any help would be invaluable. I understand that providing financial support is not the main focus of Latinos in London. Nevertheless, help or advice of any form would be more than welcome, and personal donations can be made via my JustGiving page ( I cannot stress how much your support would mean to me – and it would certainly contribute to the work that International Service is doing in Bolivia now.

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