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Carlos Nino  in London
Latinos in London  on 2013-06-18

Mexican Craft Bags [UK Online Store]

Mexican Craft Bags promotes traditional Mexican artisanal techniques. They offer in the UK this distinctive and unique handbags & wallets for the modern women who fancy exclusive designs. Each bag offers a distinct concept and let you show the rich culture of craftsmanship that exists in Mexico. The designs are made using two different traditional techniques: embroidery textile and palm weaving. The embroidery crafts are made by women in the indigenous community of Zinacantan which is located in the Mexican State of Chiapas which provides a fair trade for the artisans.  

The creation of the palm weaving is made by indigenous in the Oaxaca Mountains. This ancient tradition is part of their heritage. The artisans weave the palms in their own communities and send them to Leon, where the bags are manufactured.

Your purchase promotes traditional artisan techniques and contributes to improve the quality of life for the artisans and their families.

They only sell Mexican Bags!!!

You can buy their range of designs in the online store:


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