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Apex | Mil historias [Coming soon]

POWER POP-ROCK BAND APEX RELEASES A PRE-VIEW OF NEW ALBUM ONLINE  - AUGUST 2013, LONDON, UK - The so awaited digital release of Apex new album “Mil historias” is yet to be confirmed however, they have made the album pre-view available on their official Soundcloud profile.

The album was recorded during the first quarter of 2013 in Lima Peru under the assistance of music producer Kike Robles (Gianmarco, Diego Dibos, Amen) in the pre-production and Jose Eyzaguire (Era, Camaro, Alerta Rocket) in the final production. The theme of the album narrates real life stories contemplated and experienced by Apex's singer Ruben Villanueva through out his adulthood.

The album includes six the songs from EP “Hasta el fin” plus four new ones. The music style of the album merge brush-strokes of Pop, Rock, Punk & Latin Pop.

ABOUT THE BAND: Back in 2012, Apex reached the “Top 10" of MTV Demo for three consecutive months, five times the “Top 40" and once the “Best of 100”.

The London based band, was officially formed in 2011 by Peruvian singer song-writer Ruben Villanueva and Paraguayan drummer Bernardo Benitez

The current Apex’s line up consists of Italian drummer Simone Vignoli, Argentinian bassist Pablo Marturano, Japanese guitarist Takumi Ooshima & Ruben. Each one of them, bring their own style, character & energy to Apex’s live performances.

Listen Apex's new album pre-view:

Official Website:

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