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Carlos Nino  in London
Latinos in London  on 2013-10-13

Rediscovering The Big Apple by Los Charly's Orchestra

A great upcoming album by Los Charly's Orchestra produced by Imagenes Recordings presents -Rediscovering The Big Apple- A fresh and easy listening album with some of the top latin american musicians based in London. You can find a mix of funk and chill out music fusioned with a bit of salsa power and Boogaloo making you feel that you are playing your own air bass and air guitar mixing electronic rhythms leading you to the dance floor. Unique and special sound on this recording demonstrate the hard work of the band and the producers to create this great product. CD available from 28th October. MORE INFO CLICK HERE

The sound of oThe two Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel keep digging their inspiration and interest in bringing back to live the spirit of the sounds of New York City in the late 60’s and 70’s from their own Charly’s perspective.

The release contain 10 songs including some brand new material plus some of the tracks that were previously released as singles on collectable 7" over the past two years, all 100% analogically re mastered for a deeper sound.
Fania, Salsoul, Joe Bataan, Cal Tjader, Willie Colon, Joe Cuba, Charlie Palmieri, Bobby Matos, etc, etc, etc, they are all clear influences and inspiration on the making of this musical journey that travels from the very early times of Latin Funk, Soul & Boogaloo, to the genre that was to unify the whole Hispanic America under one groove: Salsa, and beyond.

The old and the new school of heavy Salsa merges on the tune "Ten Cuidao" in a pure barrio styled groove directly from the heart of Seven Sisters. Imagine Charlie Palmieri & Willie Colon meets Joe Arroyo & Los Charly's Orchestra... for a new collaboration... while the super refreshing Cha Cha sound of “On the Other Side” fuses with the soul of lead vocalist Andre Espeut’s for the latest LCO’s Cha Cha-Soul experiment which sounds as if Roy Ayers was making Latin music.
There are also two new killer versions (Vocal & Instrumental) of the iconic track "Merecumbe" on a Latin Disco tip plus lots of other groovy stuff on the usual funky line of Los Charly’s.

In between the awesome team of Los Charly’s Orchestra (in alphabetical order):
Andre Espeut (Lead Vox), Alejandro Martinez (Percussion), Elpidio Alegria (Lead Vox), George Malamas (Bass), Jon Desbruslais (Drums), Joe Thomas (Keys), Matheus Nova (Bass), Milt Mavrakakis (Keys & Vibes), Mike Mckenzie (Drums), Paul Batik (Trumpet),
Tony Trombony (Trombone), Wilmer Sifontes (Percussion).
Special participation:
Amar Kabouche (Flute), Ben Trigg (Strings), Eikel Venegas Hernández (Trumpet), Landy Díaz Casanueva (Trombone).
Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.

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