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Carlos Nino  in LONDON
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2013-12-22

Music of the Year 2013

Latinos in London's music research team has assembled our favorite original albums, EP  and singles of 2013.  Browse through and check out what we have been listening to and watching performing highly active this year.  We recognized the efforts of these artists, bands and newcomers who delivered this projects with the difficulties that sometimes this means, because of the lack of support from the music industry and still remain.  For all our latin artists and latin music lovers please receive from us our sincere congratulations on the great work done this year for the quality and the effort to release a CD putting the Latino music in a high level around the UK. 

For us is a chance to let them know the value of his work and continue our campaign to support the local music scene by attending concerts and buying their music , so you can understand the great work that these ambassadors of Latin American music made outside their country of origin.

This list is not a competition! is a recognition to our latin american people and those who love and are involved with latin culture, also an opportunity for you to understand the community, go out and see the bands, visit the exhibitions and know the artists and if you like listen their music or buy their art.  So, that's why we deicide to give a compliment to our local artists, those who are working really hard and make us proud; also more unbelievable a recognition for some of them who are not latinos but also are in love with our culture! Check it out!

Best Latinos in London's Music 2013   
[This list is without ranking them in order]


Wara, the nine-piece band of young musical revolutionaries on the Latin London scene, are set to release their debut album “Leave to Remain” in May following their cutting edge, critically acclaimed EP “Flesh and Bone” (Movimientos Records, 2011). The album sees the band take their trademark sound to higher grounds, effortlessly combining Cuba's most danceable rhythms and styles – Timba, Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba - with contemporary urban elements such as Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz. The songs are threaded with boundlessly multilingual and conscious lyrics that range from social and political commentary; with themes of migration, land grabs and displacement in songs like ‘Somewhereland’ and ‘Leave to Remain’; veering to the fickle whining party scene divas in ‘Caprichoso’. Then there's ‘Run For Cover’, with its London riot fuelled theatrics, followed by an acoustic remake of ‘Flesh and Bone’ that goes straight to the soul.


"3 argentinas" was formed in London at the end of 2011 by Milena, Eloísa and Adelaida (vocals, piano and guitar), three friends that have been very close for many years, and who decided to bring together everything they've learnt along the way into this project. Their music is a fusion of their mother land folklore and tango, jazz, pop and even a little of rock too. The juxtaposition of Spanish and English in their lyrics is also an ingredient of their style.

03 - ESCABEAU : Escabeau + B.Riddim - EP 2013

Following the steps of those who only can achieve pleasure and rest once breaking musical barriers, Escabeau comes from an eclectic mixture of vintage styles, classical avant-garde and modern-day sounds.
With underground artist B.Riddim (Third-Ear) joining forces, “Escabeau meets B.Riddim” was born into mind blowing and experimental music. BUY HERE


Lizzie Ball has never stuck to the rules of classical music. Following in the footsteps of her childhood idol Nigel Kennedy for whom she now is concertmaster for his Orchestra of Life she has blazed a unique path through the music world. Hasta Siempre Otra Vez is the second EP release under the new “Classical Kicks” imprint, a label forged from the critically acclaimed and highly popular classical night founded and curated by Lizzie at Ronnie Scotts jazz club. This special launch concert will feature material from the the EP. It includes Lizzie Ball on both vocals and violin as well as host of talent from around the world including very special guest Ronnie Scotts Artistic Director, James Pearson on piano. BUY HERE


The trio’s album Classico Latino & Friends Journey Through Latin America was recorded last year at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and presents iconic melodies and songs from across the continent, including a beautifully arranged tango in Carlos Gardel’s El día que me quieras, the traditional Venezuelan joropo Alma Llanera, and the timeless song Gracias a la vida by Chilean composer Violeta Parra. The album also presents original new works from the trio and Colombian composers. BUY HERE


Vocalist, guitarist and loop pedalist Heidi Heidelberg can miraculously move from opera to rock, jazz to beat-box, with a virtuosity that is spellbinding. Mauricio Velasierra electrifies his array of Andean flutes, managing to produce a sound at times soul-piercing, at others aggressive and omnipresent. Together they create a quasi-orchestral sound, many times larger than seems possible from just 2 people. BUY HERE


Penya's first release of 2013 'Tu Recuerdo' ('Your memory') finds Angelica diving into a stream of forgotten memories over an hypnotic trance/merengue backdrop. The song draws upon soaring flute and violin to evoke the central metaphor - a butterfly taking flight = a long dormant memory recalled - and with its pulsating beats interwoven with orchestral textures, Penya creates an unmistakeable soundscape of a song. Also another new song to be included is 'Just another day' that you can now BUY HERE.


The album was recorded during the first quarter of 2013 in Lima Peru under the assistance of music producer Kike Robles (Gianmarco, Diego Dibos, Amen) in the pre-production and Jose Eyzaguire (Era, Camaro, Alerta Rocket) in the final production. The theme of the album narrates real life stories contemplated and experienced by Apex's singer Ruben Villanueva through out his adulthood.
The album includes six the songs from EP “Hasta el fin” plus four new ones. The music style of the album merge brush-strokes of Pop, Rock, Punk & Latin Pop. BUY HERE


Diego Laverde Rojas who has played the arpa llanera, or lowland harp, since 1982. It is a popular folk instrument named after Los Llanos, a lowland area between Colombia and Venezuela, and it has a fascinating history that the artist represent in his own way in this marvelous CD part of the most recognized 'Arpa Latina' in the UK.


A new voice is about to cut through the industry.Stephanie Santiago offers something richer, deeper and more exotic. Originating from Colombia born in London Singer/Songwriter Stephanie is an aspiring young new talent rising in the UK independent Nu-jazz/Soul/Acoustic scene.
Stephanie comes to the table with charisma and dripping in personality, and dark with passion backed by her acoustic guitar. Having been continuously song writing since the age of 11, Stephanie is now ready to take her career to the next level.

Stephanie Santiago recently teamed up with legendary DUBSTEP producer Silkie to remix her brand new record Scarred check out this wonderful teaser.

10 - MALPHINO : El lava de Gabacho

Malphino is a band that plays a heady mix of Latin American music - from Brazilian Forró to Colombian Cumbia via a variety of tropical rhythms and a nod of the hat to Italian film score. While based in London, members of Malphino hail from all corners of the world (including Japan, Malaysia, Réunion island and the Philippines).

 11 - FLOWSNATCHA : Mantenlo Callao

FlowSnatcha is Cuban, Santiageran Mc Floiran and Swiss - Argentinian DJ / Producer The Snatcha. The combination of backgrounds and influences result in bass heavy contemporary Afro-Cuban beats with lashings of Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and soulful vocals


12 - NAVIDADES CON ETORO 2013 [Compilation]

13 - VALENCIZ :  Beauty and the Beast

14 - LOS CHINCHES : Fongo

Los Chinches are one of the most exciting and cutting edge acts to emerge from the new Latin scene; a combination of Peruvian percussionists and London bred guitar and keyboard players creating an epic new sound that harnesses the psychedelic twists of Peruvian Cumbia and the Punk and Ska spirit of London. Namely they draw upon the style of Cumbia developed in Peru in the 1960s - known as 'Chicha' – which, along with their unique rocking tropical energy, makes for blistering live performances and an ever-growing reputation.

15 - FERNANDO'S KITCHEN : Musica Fina

The song Savana Groove is taken off of their debut album 'Musica Fina' released on 29 March 2013. For the full album and more info on the track and lyrics visit



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