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Hunger TV  on 2014-05-01

Blondie feat Systema Solar : Sugar on the side

Here it is, Blondie’s new song, ‘Sugar On The Side’ featuring Colombia Electro cumbia and Champeta band Systema Solar. Very proud of our fellow colombians demostrating how music unite people, Systema solar also released their new material 'La revancha del Burro" now available online HERE.


Directed by Rankin, this striking video shares its concept with front-woman Debbie Harry’s bold Issue 5 cover shoot for Hunger Magazine last year. Shot in monochrome and mixing kaleidoscope and geometric visuals, ‘Sugar On The Side’ sees Harry embody two contrasting looks and personas.

The track features Caribbean collective Systema Solar. ‘Sugar On The Side’ is a track from their new collection of songs entitled Ghosts of Download, part of the band’s 40th Anniversary double-disc package, Blondie 4(0) Ever, which also includes an album entitled Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits featuring brand new studio recordings of the band’s biggest songs.

Below you can watch the official teaser but click HERE to watch the full video.

You can BUY Blondie's new album HERE

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