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Carlos Velázquez  in Latin America
Progressio ICS  on 2014-06-16

Volunteer in Central America with Progressio ICS

It was my birthday was last week. I was having dinner with my friends in Brixton, when my phone rang. All I could see was an unknown number. “Hello?”, I asked. “Hello, Carlos, happy birthday, you are 27 now”. It was the voice of my friend Darwin.

I met Darwin a year ago when I travelled to Nicaragua to start one of the biggest adventures of my life. Volunteering was something that I always wanted to do but could never afford. My luck changed when I came across Progressio.
Progressio and its programme International Citizen Service (ICS) gave me the opportunity to live in Nicaragua for 10 weeks, working in community development projects alongside local organisations. My home was Mozonte, a tiny village in the north of the country. I settled there with another 10 volunteers from the UK.

People from Mozonte greeted us with open arms and made us feel like we were part of their family. I felt privileged of being a Spanish speaker. My language skills enabled me to support the UK volunteers in their communication with the local community which translated into a much stronger relationship amongst everyone. The projects were incredible and unforgettable. For example, we reforested a river bank which had been destroyed by a fire. We took part in sexual education workshops and fought the machismo culture which is very present there. Also, we helped with the construction of 20 houses for disadvantaged families in risk of becoming homeless. Finally, we built a bakery oven for the women in the community so that they could initiate their own business and gain financial independence.

It is hard to summarise what Progressio ICS meant to me in a few lines. All I can think of are words of thanks for having given me the chance to work with wonderful people in Nicaragua. If you are 18 to 25, do not think twice and apply for this amazing opportunity. Progressio is looking for volunteers to go to Central America and Africa. If you speak Spanish this would be useful for the group and if not this is your chance to learn. Visit the Progressio ICS website and I promise you will not regret.

"My experience as a Progressio ICS volunteer in Nicaragua by Carlos Velázquez"

More information visit:

Volunteer in El Salvador, Nicaragua or Honduras this summer. Apply now for the experience of a lifetime. Apply from 25 July to go in October for 10 weeks.

You will volunteer in a team of UK and local volunteers, alongside a local partner organisation adding value to their ongoing work on community, education, livelihoods or environmental projects in El Salvador, Honduras, Malawi, Nicaragua or Zimbabwe.

If you are aged 23+ with the ability to lead a diverse group of young adults, you can apply to be a group leader.

It's a fantastic opportunity to volunteer overseas, gain new skills, meet amazing people and use your experiences to inspire a new generation of global citizens!

Vision: Inspired by our Catholic roots, and building on 70 years’ experience of development, we believe poor and marginalised people can gain the power to transform their lives.

Progressio is a registered charity and receives funding from the UK Department for International Development, international and UK trusts and grant-making bodies, and individual supporters.

People: People are at the heart of our work – read our Poverty bites and From the ground blogs to find out what our staff and development workers are up to.

Funds: Progressio is a registered charity and receives funding from the UK Department for International Development (UKaid), trusts and individuals.

Make a difference to communities in El Salvador, Nicaragua or Honduras and meet amazing people with Progressio ICS. Apply now:


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