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Jenny Rojas  in London
Jenny Travel Designers  on 2014-06-26

London's Latin American Travel Guru: Jenny Rojas

Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life. (Michael Palin) – The story of a Colombian traveller in London…

The story is simple, this is how I started to live my dream, discover the world and challenge myself.

My name is Jenny; I am personal flights and travel advisor, with over 12 years experience in arranging air travel for thousands of passengers. You can contact me on or via my website

This is my story: I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have lived in London for over 10 years, enjoying every piece of my journey. I graduated from University in 1998, after studying a degree in Airline Services Administration in the Politecnico Grancolombiano in Bogota, then working for Aviatur, the largest travel company in Colombia, where I was in charge of providing VIP business travel services for a multinational consultancy company. In 2003, I decided that it was essential to improve my English language and that it was also important to start the adventure of travelling around Europe. As a result I moved to London in September that year.

I still remember queuing to go through London Heathrow airport immigration, and feeling so much excitement running through my veins, my head and my bones. I was in the capitalColca Canyon - Peru of one of the greatest kingdoms that has ever ruled the world. Since then, I have travelled across many cities in European and North African countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Egypt and Morocco.

I must also say that I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people; wonderful cultures and most of all I have understood the true meaning of diversity. I have also learnt to appreciate my own Colombian roots as I had never done it before.

In 2004, I decided to start a Travel Agency Management Diploma, which I completed successfully in 2005. I then started to work for a Latin America luxury tour operator company in west London, where I encountered the pleasure of working with different nationalities, including Venezuelans, Chileans, Portuguese, Brazilians, Polish, Brits and Colombians. While working for Veloso Tours, I had the fortune to visit wonderful places in Latin America. I visited many amazing cities in Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia and off course many more in my birth country Colombia.

My job in Veloso, involved developing a flight department, engaging and developing airline relationships and maintaining the rapport for the successful negotiation of contracts. I was also assisting with the assessment of hotels, tour guides and airline services. Other duties included attending networking events to raise awareness of the company amongst suppliers and agents. I learnt that Latin America is all about rich cultures, ancient civilizations, open-mind warm people, endless green landscapes, gorgeous dancing and beautiful gastronomy. It is a place where we can yet again discover and also start the travel bug.

In 2007, I had the amazing gift of becoming a mother of a wonderful baby boy.

In 2009, I decided to pursue a second Bachelor degree in tourism, and in 2012 I graduated from Bournemouth University after 2 years of juggling work, studies and being a single mum (not to mention some salsa dancing escapades!). I felt once again of these years in London, have been the years where I have dreamt and achieved most of the goals that I have set for my life.

In 2012, I decided that it was time to change horizons again, so I started to work for one of the biggest multinational concierge companies in the UK. My job was as a flight specialist, I was in charge of providing Willoq Village - Ollantaytambo, Perupersonalised travel services for high-net-worth individuals. Moving from a small to a large company involved many challenges, but those were the challenges that I was most eager to undertake. In 2013, I had the university bug again knocking at my door and I decided to pursue a Masters degree in Air Transport Management and Planning at the University of Westminster, from which I hope to graduate in winter of 2015.

2014 brought the beginning of my life as an independent self-employed tourism designer.

I am grateful to all my friends and family back in Colombia, who has supported me of these years, even being far away from my beloved Bogota. I have worked with wonderful people throughout my life, people who have taught that having chosen tourism as a career has been the right choice for me. I have lived my life against the odds, personal life challenges, people doubts, the criticism and the battles of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. But, I have taken all that as big opportunities, which ultimately have made me the person that I am today.

We live in a decade of endless possibilities; we live in an era where travel isn’t a dream anymore, it is about a global opportunity. Air travel has allowed globalisation, internationalisation and awareness and discovery of our own kind. Air travel is by far theRancheria, La Guajira, Colombia greatest invention of all times.

Currently, my job consists of being an independent flight and travel advisor. My aim is to be a facilitator of this travel era, my ambition is to serve and assist travellers so that they can achieve their travel goals. My plan is to raise awareness of the wonderful opportunities that travelling can offer us. On this internet-technology world, I am still a person that can talk to you and answer your questions so that you can enjoy more of your free time.

If you are interested in finding out more or need some travel advice, or if you simply want to exchange some travel experiences, please contact me, I am always interested in hearing airlines feedback to understand more and more my client’s needs. You can contact me through my web page:, or like me on Facebook

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