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Latinos in London Magazine  on 2015-06-26

Latin DNA : Dorance Lorza & Sexteto cafe

Is time to show our genetic musical information listening the new album LATIN DNA by Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe a hit right into your music cells activating your dance mode straight to the dance floor.

We are very happy to receive this great album celebrating 15 years with fresh sounds of his remarkable vibraphone mixed with the latin percussion and sweet piano notes evolving a classical violin and cello into latin music to give an special touch of his remarkable sound of Salsa and tropical vibes. The high quality is the footprint of this work which reflects his music talent, personality and commitment of the band with the public, bringing updated sounds of traditional salsa songs to new original compositions alongside excellent musicians.

A great work and effort by Dorance Lorza nowadays that music industry is still hard for independent labels and this projects made with much love and charisma keep the spirit of music alive more than ever showing the capability of the artists to improve themselves and share their talent with the people to continue developing their music.

The album include some of the most recognised musicians from latin america as Diego Gale of Grupo Gale, legendary Puerto Rican sonero Ismael Rivera Jr. and Colombian salsa superstars Kike Harvey and ex-Grupo niche and Son de Cali singer Willy Garcia.

As science, 'Latin DNA' is an album organized into amazing music structures by Dorance Lorza and sexteto cafe and for sure following this patterns will replicate into more of this works by the band in the future.

More info about the album and discography visit /

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