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Latinos in London Magazine  on 2015-07-01

Toto la Momposina & Tambolero : Beyond the echo of the drums

This is now the time to take back into our latin american roots and the fast growing love for colombian folklore, Toto La momposina is a legend in latin america and one of the most recognisable artists of all times bringing the sound of native and traditional music from Colombian coast.

The traditional sound of her voice in this album feels like she is singing next to you and keeping on her sound one of the most memorable drummers in Colombia and a big reference for many musicians as it was Paulino Salgado 'Batata' who gives to 'Tambolero' a big reference of his work and a strong part of the sound of the album beyond our imagination.

"Chichi mani", "El Pescador", "Curura" and "La candela viva" are some of the greatest songs recorded years ago by this living legend and brought back nowadays from early master tapes and unreleased songs now incorporating on backing vocals her granddaughters as part of this legacy of traditional cumbia, porro and mapale.

The sound continue giving us goosebumps and electrifying feelings when you listen her amazing voice still more powerful than ever, the amazing afro-colombian drums from Palenque, the tradition of clapping and sandy maracas joined by the sweet gaitas and introduction of the modern sounds of the bass & guitar in a few songs.

The album contain a wonderful booklet with pictures and information of the golden years of Toto la momposina and their musicians, is an amazing well done package for collectors and inside a wonderful CD with the most amazing music by one of the most important artists in latin america of all times.

Toto la Momposina is back in Womad festival this year to stablish herself again as one of the most important icons of latin american traditional music and one of the biggest ambassadors of colombia music worldwide over the years

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