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Carlos Nino  in Colombia
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2016-01-25

Sidestepper : Supernatural Soul

“Supernatural Soul” is a feel-good tune with hints of gospel, soul, California sunshine and Latin boogaloo. Beautifully sung by guest vocalist Andrea Echeverri (of Colombian rock band Aterciopelados), it tells of higher planes, spiritual paths and love that comes around, and around, and around … summing up the sentiments of Sidestepper’s lovingly-crafted and groundbreaking new album ‘Supernatural Love’, to be released by Real World Records on 5 February 2016.

Sidestepper are based in Bogotá, Colombia, and are acknowledged as original progenitors of electro-cumbia. The forthcoming album marks a new chapter in their story. Befitting their reputation as innovators, it’s organic, potent, rhythmic, and irresistibly danceable - replacing electro beats with hand drums and traditional shakers, sticks and flutes. ‘Supernatural Love’ feels solid and rooted, strong and groovy, timeless and fluid.

“Supernatural Soul” is the second single taken from the album ‘Supernatural Love’. The first single “Come See Us Play” was a prime slice of good-time summer vibes (video: “Supernatural Soul” will also be released later on (on 15 April 2016) as a limited edition AA-sided coloured 7” vinyl with album track “Fuego Que Te Llama”.

Sidestepper will be playing gigs and festivals in the UK during summer 2016. Details to follow.

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