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Carlos Nino  in London, UK
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2016-03-10

Immortal Tango : Gardel with a London twist

A new experience of tango is here and ready to impress London and the world. An outstanding production with exceptional and unique dancers and musicians who bring tango to a new level. Immortal Tango is the new brainchild of Argentinian dancer German Cornejo and his company which always bring to London the roots of this beautiful rhythm into new experiences from Tango Fire to among others.

An impecable show bringing the quality of the production to the audience enjoying every single moment of live music, costumes, lights and synchronized dancers who makes you think: why I didn't learn to dance like that?

The show is very and open for many audiences, from having the wonderful sound of the bandoleon and piano by a full band who arranged popular songs into the tango vibes, a beautiful voice bringing the transition of gardel music into popular soundtracks, moments of humor to break the tension, a group of very talented dancers and coreographers who created this show from every single move wearing amazing costumes from classic to modern style.

Certainly German Cornejo's Immortal Tango have something in the air for everyone that combines the great work of the latin american dancers and their hability to show their skills not only into Tango dance but also ballet, hip hop, rock and modern rhythms.

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